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Step 1: Find your perfect domain
Tips to find the right domain:
  • Shorter domains are generally better
  • .com domains are more common, but other TLDs are good too
  • Use commonly used but memorable words when searching
  • Avoid using existing trademarks unless you own them
  • Find domains you can afford
Step 2: Make an offer on a domain
Step 2
  • The fastest and easiest option is to accept the BUY NOW price
  • Try to make your offer competitive
  • Sellers may counter quickly, so respond promptly
  • To win an auction, the reserve price must be met
  • Only serious offers are responded to
Step 3: Confirm your offer
Step 3
  • If you accept the BUY NOW price, the escrow process will begin
  • You will be asked to specify how long your offer is good for
  • If your offer is accepted, you are required to complete the transaction

Why Igloo?

Igloo takes the “less is more” approach by promoting only premium domains in our exclusive marketplace.

We feature:
  • Verified buyers & sellers
  • Personalized transaction support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tailored listing pages
  • Public & private auctions
  • Independent 3rd party data
  • Trusted escrow process

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