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What can I do on Igloo.com?

You can buy and sell domains within the marketplace. Select from three listing styles or host a private listing. Igloo.com provides all of the tools necessary to market your listing or make an informed buying decision. You may also take advantage of our brokerage services.

How do I create an account?

Simply click Register Now on the right side of the menu bar. Follow the simple steps to create a basic account. Upgrade to a Verified membership to gain the ability to bid on listings up to $5,000. Complete the additional form and submit the necessary information to become a Premium Member and enjoy the ability to bid on all listings without limit.

How do I upgrade my account?

Please select the membership tier that best meets your needs within the My Account page. Follow the steps shown and submit any necessary documents (if applicable). You will receive a confirmation when your account has been upgraded.

Will my credit card be charged?

When applying for a Verified or Premium membership, you will be charged $1.00 to authenticate your credit card.

What can I do with a Basic Membership?

A Basic membership allows you to make offers and sell domains. You will be required to upgrade to a Verified account to complete a transaction.

What can I do with a Verified Membership?

A Verified membership allows you to make offers, bid in auctions and purchase BuyNow listings up to $5000.

What can I do with a Premium Membership?

A Premium membership allows you to make offers, bid in auctions and purchase BuyNow listings with no limit. Please submit the requested agreement and supplemental documents to upgrade your account. Please allow 72 hours for your application to be processed. Please keep this timeframe in mind when participating in auctions with the possibility of surpassing $5,000.

What is Buy Now?

Buy Now (BIN) is a great option for sellers with a specific price in mind. Set a BIN price for any listing, resulting in a sale to the buyer who purchases the name for the BIN price. BIN offers are binding and will immediately move to procurement.

May I Make an Offer on a BuyNow listing?

Yes, if the seller has elected to allow offers. Simply place your offer in the field provided and the seller will be notified if the offer exceeds the seller's floor price. Please be aware that an offer on a Buy Now (BIN) listing is binding for 7 days.

Where do I set a floor price for my account?

On the My Account page you have the ability to specify a floor price. This floor will not be public unless a user makes an offer below the floor. In those situations, a pop up showing your floor is provided and a note encouraging the potential buyer to place another bid is shown.

The account level floor is only applied in a listing-specific floor price was not provided during the time of upload.

You will not receive notification of any offers that fall below the floor price.

How do I add domains to Igloo.com?

Create an account or login to an existing account. Navigate to Add Domains and follow the upload sequence. If you are importing more than 100 domains please use the Bulk Manage Domains tool. Find sheets tailored to your preferred listing style at the bottom of the document.

What happens after adding a domain?

After your domains have been uploaded, they wiil be in the verification process.

  • After the listings are verified, they will automatically appear live on Igloo.com.
  • Processing time is based on our current import volume. We thank you for your patience if domains take more than an hour to appear.
  • All pending domains may be viewed at Sell Domains > Pending Imports.
If we cannot verify your domains automatically, we will work with you to obtain verification.

How do I control how much I pay for a domain name?

Igloo.com does not currently utilize proxy bidding. You will know exactly what you are going to pay by managing each bid you place. Be sure to check the seller's escrow obligation to include that potential cost in your estimate.

How does Igloo.com protect my privacy?

Igloo.com takes privacy very seriously. Please view our Privacy Policy to learn what we do to keep you safe.

How long does it take for my listing to show up on Igloo.com?

Listings appear live on Igloo.com as soon as the verification process is complete. During this time you may view the pending domains at Sell Domains > Pending Imports. We take security and integrity of the marketplace very seriously. As such, we work to ensure the validity of each domain we offer. We thank you for your patience if domains take more than an hour to appear.

How can I manage offers for domains I am buying or selling?

Manage your listings and offers by clicking on Buy Domains or Sell Domains from the menu.

How long are offers valid on Igloo.com?

Offers are valid until the close of the listing or another bidder exceeds the bid. Make an Offer bids and counter offers can be valid for up to 21 days but the member making the offer or counter determines exactly how long it is valid for.

When is my domain purchase or sale final on Igloo.com?

As soon as the buyer confirms delivery of the domain the money is released to the seller and the transaction is deemed complete. Stay current with the status of your domain transaction on your dashboard transfers tab.

How are domain names transferred to the buyer after a sale?

Igloo.com is proud to offer procurement through Escrow.com. Upon completion of the listing, the buyer and seller will receive notice to supply necessary information to Escrow.com. Transactions typically conclude within a matter of days.

How much does using Igloo.com cost?

Igloo.com takes a 15% commission on all domain sales.

What forms of payment does Igloo.com accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Pay Pal and wire transfer. Please contact [email protected] with specific concerns.

My WhoIS check failed and I don't want to complete CNAME. What else can I do?

Navigate to My Account and use the email manager to add any email addresses associated with the domains you are attempting to upload. This will not work if your settings in the Whois are set to private. Once you have verified ownership of the email addresses by clicking the links that are automatically sent, simply re-import the domains and select WhoIS during the verification step.

This process requires the email address appearing on the WhoIS to match an email address that is tied to and verified on your account. You may still retain your primary Igloo.com address as the recipient of all email correspondence.

My Whois Verification failed when uploading and now I'm being asked to validate with CNAME. What does this mean and how do I do this?

The reason you experienced a Whois validation failure might have been because the email address tied to your user account isn't the same as the one appearing on Whois records. Whois validation failure can also occur if your domain settings are set to private in the Whois. The CNAME validation process requires you to login to your registrar account, take control of your DNS and add a CNAME record using the unique identifier appearing next to your domain in the Pending tab of Igloo.com. Once you have added the CNAME and pointed to Host Name correctly (link provided below the pending table) your listing(s) will be pushed live by Igloo.com. Please note that each unique identifier code is only valid for 72 hours. If you exceed that period, the code becomes invalid and you will have to attempt your upload again. For issues adding a CNAME record, please contact your domain registrar.

What is EPP (Authorization Code)?

You can find your EPP code within that particular domain's registrar and you MUST obtain it before finalizing any transfers. Below is a list of common domain registrars and instructions on how to access your EPP code. If your domain is registered somewhere else, please reference their FAQ on how to access your domain's EPP code.

GoDaddy: http://community.godaddy.com/help/article/1685

Register.com: http://help.register.com/cgi-bin/register_help.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1689

Enom: http://www.enom.com/help/help-video-details.aspx?filename=E-How-To-Unlock-Domain-Send-EPP-Key-Auth-Code-eNom-Video_skin.swf

Namecheap: http://www.namecheap.com/learn/transfer-your-domain/transfer-process.asp

Once you have your EPP code, please upload it in the "Upload EPP" tab and complete the transaction process from there.

May I input a value other than US dollars?

At this time, all offers on Igloo.com are in US dollars. For your convenience, we recommend using a currency converter like www.xe.com if you are dealing in a different currency.